City of Hardin, Texas

City of Hardin Sewer System

Construction of Hardin Sewer System was completed in 2005.  The system consist of 10 Lift Stations and 4 Grinder Stations.  Flow is directed to the City of Liberty Sewer Plant.  All residents and businesses within the city limits must connect to Hardin Sewer System.  Citizens must contract a plumber licensed by the State of Texas for installation of tap to city main and sewer lines from tap to building.  Some residents and businesses outside the city limits are currently connected although future connections from outside the city limits must be presented to City Council for approval.  Refer to City Ordinance No. 2011/09 #1 for more information.

Billing is determined by water usage and is mailed by the first of each month.   Payment is due on the 15th.   A $10.00 late fee will be assessed on the 16th, unless the 15th falls on the weekend.  Disconnection of water service will be ordered once an account becomes sixty days past due.  A disconnect/reconnect fee of $30.00 will be added to the account.  Total balance due must be paid in order to have water service reconnected.

Message to Hardin Citizens:

Inflow is unavoidable during extremely heavy rain but a city sewer system should not be subject to major inflow every time it rains.    It is an ongoing process to locate problem areas.   Should any citizens locate a broken sewer line, clean out, damaged manhole or any other means of inflow access please report to the City Secretary by calling (936) 298-2117.